Friday, October 27, 2006

The Absentee Blogger

Okay, okay. Just one glance at the date of this blog and that of the last can tell you that I've been an errant knave and have failed to keep the New Dad Blog up to date. Apologies. Apologies.

So what have you missed? Well - Maddie's been on her first trip to the States. This was August and at the time anyone with more than a day's worth of stubble was setting off major security alerts at all UK airports so we were prepared for a bit of a hellish journey. It started bad. Big queues, the tasting of all baby food... but in the end Maddie took to flying like a natural. She giggled and charmed the cabin staff and fellow flyers. She fell asleep on an empty chair. Even on the way back, an overnight flight, she slept most of the way (even if we didn't); what a star.

In the States we caught the tail end of Tropical Storm Ernesto so we were under rain-enforced house arrest for most of the time (and I was finishing off a diverting rural policy document I hadn't finished... wake up at the back there!!!). We did get out and have a few forest park moments AND a day out at MoMA - I'm pleased to report that Maddie likes Duchamp and the Bauhaus as much as she likes mushed-up butternut squash and the chance to suck on a TV remote. That's my girl.

Quality time was spent with the grandparents and with Uncle Peter, who could just about carry Maddie around in the palm of one hand. As you might expect, one or two new baby outfits were bought...

Better go - back in a moment with an update on Maddie standing up!

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