Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Snap Happy Daddy

Obviously the most earth-shattering day of your life can't go unrecorded, so I make no apologies for a couplemore shots of Miss Maddie. Obviously there are years and years of annoying photoshoots ahead of her, as doting dad finds - at least for a wee while - an unresistant subject. Poor M.

And just had another call from the hospital - she's feeding again really well, so the first time wasn't a fluke. AND (stop me if this gets too nauseating) she made some gurgling noises down the phone!!!

Clearly she's already a very gifted little lady, so I'm hoping the gurgles were her first critique of Hegel's dialectic or a short, pithy, comment on some of the inherent conflicts that make utilitarianism attractice but in the final analysis, flawed... er... actually though I think she'd filled her nappy. Bloody wonderful.

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