Thursday, March 02, 2006

Day two. The head in the bed

If you ever needed a reason to save the planet...
Anne and Maddie could give each other some real competition, it would seem, on sleeping ability. The new and gorgeous arrival has been pretty much knocked out from day one, which is making life a little easier as Anne recovers from the birth.

Quick note on midwives. I have to admit to being a little bit awestruck by them. When we did see a doctor in the hospital, we was a full 24 hours late, didn't remember to fill in any of Maddie's paperwork, and at first couldn't quite recall Maddie's gender. The midwives on the other hand are terrifyingly competent imparters of 'The Knowledge' that makes becoming a parent a seemingly sensible and achievable life choice, rather than the fecund equivalent of bungie jumping off the Eiffel Tower with a large concrete block strapped to your head. AND they all seem to have had at least 45 children of their own! "When I had my third son," she'll say, "thinking on assisted delivery was completely different."

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